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Research shows that when home and school work in partnership, when children are happy and feel supported in school, when there is an ethos of care and nurture and when clear behaviour boundaries are in place, that's when children feel secure and when they learn the best.

How we can support

As a Consultant, I can assist you with the following strands of support and because I am external to the school, I can challenge in ways you might feel uncomfortable with and resolve some of that conflict!...

Consultancy re individual children. Casework with individual children and families. Chairing meetings to agree a support and intervention package. Working with external professionals to build a team around the child and attending meetings. Working with parents and helping them to manage behaviour at home.

One to one work with pupils with a member of staff present to share skills and to build capacity in the school to deliver effective interventions to improve behaviour/develop confidence.

Advising on strategies to support children whose behaviour is driven by trauma (family breakdown, attachment issues, domestic abuse). Working with the school to develop the role of the Key Worker to co-ordinate support for these challenging and vulnerable children in school.

Training for staff in using the Circle of Friends Tool to raise individual pupil awareness of how their behaviour is negatively impacting on their peers with a focus on behaviour modification.

Pupil observation (and assessment) and advice on strategies and interventions to improve behaviour and engagement.

Training for staff in developing Peer Mediation as a pupil led strategy to tackle negative behaviour and to build peer support and community responsibility.

Support and training for parents/carers re working in partnership with the school to improve behaviour and learning. As an external Consultant, I can be more direct and challenging with parents as I don't have to work with them on a daily basis!

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