Personal Coaching for Headteachers

Vicky Tuck, Director-General of the International School of Geneva recently advocated '…coaching for headteachers to help them to cope with the stresses of the job…They need someone who can be there once a fortnight listening…and coaching them to work out their own solutions…' (The Times, 3/11/14).

Headteacher Coaching

I offer exactly this strand of personal coaching to headteachers. As the client, you set the agenda and anything and everything is up for discussion, plus the whole discussion is absolutely confidential! The agenda can include personal issues (home/family/relationships) because these can impinge on your effectiveness in school; it can also include sensitive discussions about colleagues, issues in school, parents, governors, even your SIP and the focus is on talking and coaching you to work out your own solutions.


As a former headteacher myself (of two schools, an infant and a primary school), I can really empathise with how colleagues are feeling, I understand the pressures and stresses and I can focus my coaching on the demands and challenges of the job! As Vicky Tuck went on to say, '…headship is a very demanding role and it is easy for heads to feel isolated'. This personal coaching is completely confidential, it's totally safe and you can talk frankly to someone who's been there and who, crucially, is not involved in your performance management!

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