Staff Support

The staff are every school's key resource (they're also the most expensive resource!) and I can advise on strategies to optimise their impact by building their confidence levels, raising their aspirations, developing their skills and maximising their engagement as teachers and learners through 1:1 coaching and bespoke training.

How we can support

I also offer head teachers confidential advice and support with sensitive staffing issues and with those pupils at risk of exclusion, advising on reintegration plans and helping to negotiate managed moves to rebuilt trust and confidence. In addition, I offer confidential one to one solutions focused coaching for head teachers, click Performance Coaching for information.


Here are some of the stands of support I can offer as a Consultant working with your school.

Teaching Staff support

Classroom observation and feedback to teachers (within a QFT framework) on strategies to improve behaviour for learning and how to manage both low level disruption and challenging behaviour.

Training for NQTs/teachers undertaking school based training in Quality First Teaching/positive classroom management/behaviour for learning and managing challenging behaviour.

Training for class teachers in how to lead solutions focused debrief sessions with the class team following critical incidents and advice on developing a Debriefing Policy bespoke to your school.

Advice for headteachers in chairing reintegration meetings and devising effective behaviour contracts following fixed term exclusion.

Training for SENCOs in analysing behaviour/identifying the primary special need/devising effective individual behaviour plans with SMART outcomes which positively impact on behaviour and setting up/working with a multi-professional team around the child/family.

1:1 confidential coaching for teachers to improve performance and to build self-confidence. Click Performance Coaching for more information.

Training for headteachers and Reception staff in how to deal with difficult parents and in using structured conversations to resolve conflict.

Advice for headteachers/senior leaders in planning/negotiating successful managed moves for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. Support with reintegration plans and attendance at reintegration meetings to broker agreements.

Support Staff

Dedicated training for HLTAs and Cover Supervisors on positive classroom management and how to positively engage children in their learning.

Leading a half-termly/termly TA Surgery where TAs can trouble shoot, problem solve and share their developing knowledge, understanding and skills in a solutions focused session. This session has both a CPD and a wellbeing focus.

Learning Mentor training package and access to a toolkit to develop knowledge, understanding and skills re behaviour improvement to optimise role effectiveness.

Midday Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor training in positive behaviour management/Ofsted behaviour & safety/de-escalation techniques/promoting positive play. This is a very successful 4 session training package which includes capacity building by developing the strategic role of the senior MDA/Lunchtime Supervisor, initiating MDA appraisal and personal development planning and writing a lunchtime management plan for the dining hall and the playground agreed with all the school staff and with the MDAs as the key stakeholders.

1:1 confidential coaching for TAs / Learning Mentors / PSAs / other support staff to improve performance and to build self-confidence. Click Performance Coaching for more information.

Training for Pastoral Support Advisers in behaviour support, behaviour tracking and working with challenging parents to secure positive engagement.

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