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Safeguarding is a prime responsibility and developing whole school systems to embed behaviour for learning and to enhance pastoral care and support is paramount.

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Working with staff I can assist you in developing those whole school systems which will enable and empower every member of the team to exercise their duty of care and safeguarding to the highest possible standard so that children feel safe, happy and secure as learners. I will advise, consult and challenge through the following strands of support so that behaviour and safety is outstanding in your school.

Behaviour for Learning/Behaviour & Safety whole school support re positively managing challenging behaviour and advice, consultancy and bespoke training strategically tailored to meet individual school needs.

Whole school review of the Behaviour Policy plus a behaviour audit resulting in an action plan to build behaviour for learning and to embed best practice across the school.

Behaviour and Safety Ofsted preparation including whole school review and action planning.

Developing early intervention to prevent exclusion. Building nurture/inclusion provisions/bases in primary schools to manage challenging behaviour/prevent exclusion. Ensuring that these have agreed SMART entry and exit criteria with a strategic focus on reintegration back into a mainstream class at the earliest opportunity or further assessment to signpost to appropriate specialist provision to meet the identified primary need.

Briefings/consultancy support for governors re monitoring behaviour, Ofsted Behaviour & Safety criteria, Behaviour for Learning, preventing/challenging exclusion, alternatives to exclusion and managing exclusion/re-integration.

Whole school training in Restorative Approaches (RA) to resolve relationship issues/conflict in school (pupil-pupil, teacher-pupil, teacher-teacher, teacher-TA, teacher-parent).


RA is a structured/scripted process which resolves conflict/repairs relationships by asking 6 key questions: What happened? What were you thinking? How do you feel about it? Who has been affected by what happened? What should you do to put things right? How can you do things differently in the future?


The guiding principles are that the process is non-judgemental and that it relies on active listening.

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