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Do you want to retain your best teachers?
Do you want to optimise your teachers' investment in the school?
Do you want your teachers to go that extra mile?
Do you want your teachers to get the best results from their pupils?

If the answer is 'YES, YES, YES and YES', then you need to offer them Wellbeing Coaching…

Achieve the best

Even in the best schools, teachers are feeling stressed and under pressure and this will affect both their performance and their impact over time:

'I work until midnight every night but sometimes that means compromising on the next day's lesson preparation. I go to bed thinking about work. I did not really understand the reality of the job until I tried it. It would not be possible to do this job working 37 hours a week.


I have found this year very challenging in terms of work/life balance…Three out of four NQTs in my school are looking for work in other sectors…I love teaching but refuse to sacrifice my health for a job…'


'I spend my minimal free time worrying about the work I should be doing…I fear the Sunday emails, I fear the notice board in the staffroom which lists the many observations that are coming up…'


Teacher in her 20s

'In my experience, the job is as tough, if not tougher, than it ever has been. The reason for this is that a range of things have changed more rapidly, especially performance measures and accountability measures that make the job feel more demanding…'

Headteacher in London

'The working lives of teachers have become ''unbearable'' because of constant monitoring…there is a ''constant fear of being judged to be failing''…The Teacher Support Network, a charity which provides emotional support and advice to teachers, expressed concerns about the adverse effects of teacher stress on student performance.


Its Chief Executive, Julian Stanley, said, ''Our research already shows there could be a link between a teacher's health and their students' outcomes…How can teachers and support staff focus on raising educational standards when they are suffering as a result of unsustainable workloads?...'

The Independent (25/4/15)

Feeling the pressure

So the reality is that many teachers feel under pressure. They enjoy teaching but they cite workload as their number one concern about their job. In a recent survey, 89% of teachers said that their workload was excessive and that they were regularly working 60 hours per week. This has impacted on their feelings of health and wellbeing with 67% saying that their job has adversely affected their mental health in the last 12 months and 48% saying that they have seen a doctor in the last 12 months as a result of work-related physical or mental health problems. Teachers also feel more stressed because of increasing behaviour challenges. In a recent TES survey, 58% of teachers said that classroom behaviour has deteriorated over the past 5 years…


You can address this issue head on through Wellbeing Coaching. I can offer Well- being coaching to enable your staff to meet these challenges. The format is confidential 1:1 coaching where the teacher feels safe to say exactly how he/she feels to someone they know is NOT involved in measuring their performance. This objectivity is crucial to the process. It allows the teacher to be totally honest, to be completely self-reflective and to talk through the pressures and challenges, including the support they receive. As the Coach, my challenge is to build self-confidence so that the teacher feels enabled to address the challenges in a positive way through an action plan focused on 3-4 key goals which place the teacher firmly in control. Wellbeing Coaching can also empower the teacher to reframe stress in a positive way, so that stress is energising and not disabling!


Wellbeing coaching is an increasing strand of my work and I see it as critical to teacher success. I am currently delivering well-being coaching in schools on a termly basis, going into a school for a day and offering all the teaching staff a confidential 1:1 session with positive results (see the Testimonials link at the bottom of the page for feedback/evaluations). Alternatively, in some schools, I just work with one teacher who is feeling under pressure and who needs help to reframe the challenges in a positive way.

What is the cost of well-being coaching?


The charge is a fixed price of £60.00 per hour.


I will deliver a Well-being Coaching Day (9.00am-5.00pm) in your school for a fixed price of £450.00 regardless of how many teachers I coach on the day!

Wellbeing Check-In

How about a Wellbeing Check-In for your school?

I can come in to your school, talk to each teacher confidentially and gain an insight into what they think of their job, the pressures and stresses of their roll. their work-life balance, how listened to and supported they feel by the school leaders and what would make their job better from their perspective. I would  then write a confidential anonymised report highlighting the key wellbeing issues to be addressed - and this could form the basis of an informed Wellbeing Action Plan.

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