Performance coaching for teachers

Performance coaching is for staff whose confidence and competence has dipped and for colleagues who you know are not working to their potential. It is also for teachers who you want to take to the next level, ie from good to outstanding.

Teacher Coaching

This is a confidential process where the teacher/TA honestly reflects on where they are at the moment and then he/she sets 3 goals to work on and achieve within an agreed timescale. The goals are defined in the 'SMERTIE' format to drive motivation and to achieve optimum impact and they are underpinned by agreed action steps.


Accountability and challenge is through regular 1:1 coaching sessions focused on evidencing progress with the action steps and celebrating success. The goals are shared with the headteacher but the discussions in the sessions remain confidential. An effective coaching programme needs a minimum of 6 sessions and culminates in a review meeting with the headteacher to decide the next steps (either signing off the coachee or agreeing additional sessions).


Good schools offer coaching as a core strand of CPD, good schools build a coaching ethos but my advantage as an external Coach is that – precisely because I'm from the outside – colleagues open up to me, they're completely honest and they're remarkably self-critical, all because they feel safe in the knowledge that the process is totally confidential and that I'm not involved in their performance management. That's why the process is transformational!

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